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When I’m big I want to be a firewoman!

VIC OLIVER recently spent a morning with Tracey Lee Visser, the station commander at Kibler Park Fire Station, discovering what motivates this determined woman, who loves her job and working with her team of firefighters in a male-dominated industry.


Vehicle productivity

Vehicle productivity is the key to ensuring that your new commercial vehicle has the ability to generate an earning. So, when buying a new vehicle, carefully examine all the factors that affect its productivity.


May the force be with you

When selecting a new vehicle it is wise to take cognisance of the forces that impede a vehicle’s ability to perform. One also needs to endeavour to minimise the effects of these forces, suggests VIC OLIVER.


Learning from the master

Want to reduce costs and increase profit margins in your road transport company? VIC OLIVER asks one of the foremost authorities in the game to share his secrets...


V8 diesel: engine of the future?

Modern V8 diesel engines are highly fuel-efficient. Does this mean that we will see more V8 engines powering our trucks and buses in the future?


Don’t ignore risk and safety!

No transport operator can afford to have a single vehicle off the road, let alone several, for any length of time. A competent in-house risk and safety manager with clout is needed to ensure unnecessary breakdowns and accidents are kept to an absolute minimum.


To toll or not to toll?

What are the benefits of paying to use a toll road, and are there any hidden costs when opting for a longer alternative route?


Look after your drivers!

Increasing numbers of skilled truck drivers are involved in accidents as a result of Aids-related illnesses and fatigue. The time is long overdue for all road transport industry role players to confront this harsh reality by assessing and helping to manage the wellness of their drivers.


A challenging road ahead

2010 looks set to be a challenging year for road transport operators. Unless transport companies can take steps to reduce road traffic congestion and endeavour to lower running costs by operating more efficiently, their profit margins are going to be eroded


A licence to drive

Don’t employ a new truck or bus driver until you have tested his ability to safely and skillfully handle your vehicle.


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